Ponyexpres Company provides transportation services since 1991 and during its existence has gained a significant position in the region. From the beginning we specialize our transports in automotive industry and gained experience we succesfully apply to domestic and foreign customers. Reliability and quality of service are our top priority.

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Has an unexpected situation arised or complication in your factory? We are always here and ready in the shortest possible time to step in and help you.

Years of experience in the automotive industry enable us to always be one step ahead in the moments when time is of the essence. It always has been true that time is money, your money...

Our non-stop dispatching and vehicles are on standby and ready to immediately provide express shipments.

6 euro pallets, weight limit 1000kg

24/7 hotline fast spedition


Our fleet of trucks are traveling across Europe and providing transportation services to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide large cargo transportation services (120m3), low deck trailers and platform vehicles. We choose and suggest the optimal solution of the customer's needs with a view to reduce financial costs as much as possible. We use the latest environmentally friendly transportation including vehicles meeting the strictest environmental standarts Euro4, EURO 5 and EURO6.

We are holders of quality certificate ISO 9001 in road transport.


Do you need to catch a business meeting and partners abroad in one day or just a well deserved rest?

With us you always travel first class. Try the comfort of the aircraft interior and feel the taste of private travel. There are almost 7000 available airports throughout Europe. We carry out flights for business meetings, ski and golf events or for vacation.

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Are u not able to deliver an urgent shipment or supplies for production to a customer with land transportation? Our CARGO AVIATION department is here to help.

Time is precious so do not hesitate to contact our despatch services. We will suggest the optimal solution of the crisis with air cargo shipment to the final destination. We love flying and challenges. We are always there when you need us.

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Our motto is: We manage, arrange and deliver...

Do you need to arrange export or import transportation or collection? Do you have a cargo but you don't have available vehicle? Or you have available vehicle but you need to arrange cargo? 

Our dispatch department provides offers of available transport capacity or available cargo for our business partners using certified online system. 

For our customers we provide storage rental and logistics services.


Time is precious, so we try to arrange transport quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary time delays. We are dealing with each customer individually to reach their demands. 

Play it safe, stick with tradition and realibility what you know. Contact us.

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